On the Nature of Truth

Truth is an incredibly important thing our world.  Scientific truth, religious truth, objective truth(s); this thing is the basis for a lot of our lives in this world.  It basically helps to hold everything together.  Sadly though (for some), it is not actually accessible to us humans.

Truth in the idea we like to ascribe to it, i.e., universal is impossible for us actually approach and understand.  Every little piece of “data” we receive in the world comes from our senses meaning everything is interpreted and computed in our mind/brains.  These interpretations follow the rules of logic and rules-human thought- these interpretations apply patterns and rules to the world for us humans to function.  This computational ability is one part of what makes us essentially human, it also means that our minds run very much like the computers and machines which we have built.  Refer to cognitive sciences to see proof of our interpretation of everything in the world and applying patterns and rules to it in our minds.  One simpler example I can think of is Descartes’ example of a square tower in the distance appearing round.  Something else you could test yourself: just record yourself speaking normally, not announcing or trying to be extra clear, just speak like normal.  Use a program where you can see the sound waves and then try to find where the “words” are in the sound waves.  You will find the words do not actually exist in the world as things; they are interpreted when we hear them.  Other proof abounds, but I do not have enough interest in trying to pursue this further for now, do your own research.

As such, all of our scientific and evidential truths are interpretations, organizations and applications of our logic upon the world.  These things may work mathematical formulas to predict physical occurrences in the world (I am not claiming these things are wrong), but we cannot ever know with absolute and pure certainty that they are the actual truth.  These formulas and this evidence are simply the patterns we have found in the world that seem to work within the rest of our interpreted universe.  Hence, all of our truths in the world are actually logical truths.  Simply logical truths for how we see, understand and interpret the world NOT necessarily universal truths, we will never know those.  The best we can do is work off of what we can know, which is our logical truths.

This may just be a pointless bit of writing for readers, but this has been an important step in my personal development, as such I wrote about it.  Good luck sleeping tonight if your mind has been blown by this idea or if you want to try to find proof to argue against this statement.