Why Logic Works

Logic works for one reason and one reason only: it kept humans alive.

Logic is not inherently universal; it is not what the world operates on, at least in a way that we can be sure of.  Logic only works because it kept human beings alive in the world.

Question: Where is the law that says the entire universe has to follow logical principals?

A: In human minds with the limited point of view from a mind that uses logic.

Imagining a world that is not logical is parallel to imagining not existing: impossible for the human mind because logic and existence are two fully inherent facts of the human mind and human nature and we cannot operate without them.

This is not necessarily a negative fact, but it has to be acknowledged so we can know our own place as humans.  Our minds are infinitely complex computers, of a sort, which have a specific operating system: that of logic combined with illogical parts.  This computer has certain ways to input data: touch, sight, audio, taste and smell. Humans can only interpret the world through these things and the limitations of them, the human mind would probably be able to deal with more but our “peripheries” (senses) are limited in certain ways which limit what we can sense: probably due to limits of size.  If we were capable of interpreting more data we would need more brain power.

This data then has to be interpreted in some way.  Just receiving data without a viewpoint would make us cameras, mirrors: not beings.

I have no good way to prove these statements yet; working on it.

I have accepted these as near facts, this leads to some questions of mine such as why this specific way/logic? And why are we so curious as humans?

The first question is asked because there appears to be plenty of other animals that do not use the same sort of “operating system” as we do.  So why build a new one which is like ours?  The second comes from why in the world are humans the organisms that try to understand things like we do: why do we ask questions?  What about our operating system makes us ask the sorts of questions we do and even able to do it? Why is it we have it?

Once I happen to come up with a more solidified answer to my own questions, I’ll return.