Time As Money

Time Is Money

A phrase that, must almost be bred into our psyche anymore, is that “time is money.” Usually, I think, with the intent that time wasted is money not earned.  What if this was flipped, to an extent?

What if, instead of time wasted being money not earned, what if time invested was seen as money made? More importantly, what if money was viewed as a shortcut for time only as opposed to something to trade time for?

Or, what if we viewed using time the same as using money? One must invest it somewhere in order for it to grow.  It is interesting when picturing money and time in this sort of relationship because then, the only way to actually create money, create income generating things is by investing time first and then money follows.  So, perhaps, we need to rework the phrase and say “time creates money” instead of “time is money.”  How do you think that we would change how we look at money and how we use our time if we started thinking and comprehending that phrase?

I think, if people started thinking in this way, we would start seeing very different entertainment consumption patterns, let us look at Netflix.  If one saw time as something invested which creates more money, would you feel as free to spend hours watching Netflix TV shows?  In investing that time watching a TV show, how would it create money for yourself?  How does watching TV become an activity that has a financial reward of some sort? Short of becoming a TV critic and possibly some inspiration for artistic endeavors, I do not think there are many other options.  Yes, some rest and relaxation is needed to be effective overall but, staying up all night long to be short on sleep to catch up on a TV show I assume is more detrimental than helpful overall. Besides, what if you invested time in doing something relaxing that was active?



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