A Thought On Hope

Have you, as a human being, ever wondered how to destroy a person?  Not just killing them, but have you ever wondered how to destroy the person in the human?  Has the realization ever hit you that it is amazing how much slavery and destruction happens between human beings?  Just some thoughts.  But, these questions were brought up in a documentary I watched not too long ago.  This documentary not only answered the questions, it also told me how to prevent this from happening, how to save a person in such a situation.  Destroying a person is amazingly simple and saving someone is even simpler.

To destroy a person you only have to do these things, not in any particular order:

  1. Get rid of their name.
  2. Get rid of the sacredness/privacy of their own body, make them feel like they have no control over themselves.
  3. Rip them away from their family and their entire community.
  4. Make them feel insecure at all times.
  5. Prevent them from using their own language.
  6. Make their body or part thereof an embarrassment and source of shame.
  7. Prevent the construction of a new community.
  8. Don’t let them imagine, keep their heads out of the clouds.
  9. Crush all hope through constant vigilance and seeming impossibility of escape.
  10. In short, make them forget their identity and that they are also human.

To save a person though requires much less than that, so much less luckily.  In order to try to save a person from finally succumbing to the power that has put them in the above situation all you have to do is give them hope.  It doesn’t matter how much, just the smallest twinkle of hope can keep a person alive all the way until the simple physical limitations of their bodies take affect, but at that point they still will not have lost their identity or their hope and you can consider it a successful saving of an individual.

Hope is the fountain which gives individuals all of their power and can keep anyone going further than they ever imagined.


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