Another Life Metaphor

Life is a constant war and one must live like a soldier.  Your armor is your character and yourself. Every morning you have to wake up and carry this armor with you.  Every action you take has to be defining and defending yourself.  Every action sharpens your blade, strengthens your shield and hardens your armor.  The world we live in is always trying to crush you, make you a tool, to make life secure. Security requires the disarming of yourself and letting your armor go.  A secure life is the undefined life. The defined life is a constant struggle, always a chaos that you create and control.  The life of definition is hard, dirty, and uncomfortable.  The life of definition is always on the very edge of living and sanity.  The defined life is lonely because you are yourself, but the best of companions can be found there.  When two stand on their own they can truly respect each other.


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