Is Knowledge Really A Building? Part 2

The web theory.  Think about it what you know is interconnected with a bunch of other things you know and they just continue to build all over from that.  Two questions arise, is there a starting point?  Are there places that this web holds on to?

The first question, can you just have a web with at least some sort of starting point?  You have to come to know something at first and what is that?  Maybe it is “I” you know yourself, somewhat similar to Descartes’ infamous quote.  I cannot just make a web appear, there has to be some sort of first place at which I begin this web, I also could need material for this web, what would that be?  This first question though is not quite as interesting to me and could possibly be skipped somehow.

The second question, is there a thing the web holds onto?  I don’t know about the rest of the world but the only things that float in space randomly are plants, stars and other things such as that.  I don’t find web’s just floating in mid-air; they have some sort of anchor.  What is that anchor going to be?  Can you just claim it to be the world?  I don’t think so since that is what we are trying to come to know anyway and it seems that a web anchored to the world would be entailing we don’t know a lot of it just enough to hold onto and then everything else is other knowledge.  Would the anchor(s) be senses and logic again? That sounds a lot like the old knowledge building we are trying to move out of.  Maybe the anchor is language? Language is constantly being accused of being vague, lying, etc. though, so I would assume that isn’t it for this philosophical web since we have to remain logical.

So now where do we go?


2 thoughts on “Is Knowledge Really A Building? Part 2

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