Interesting Issues In The U.S. and Western Thought

Laws apply universally and everyone has certain rights, so long as you’re one of us.     If you do not believe this refer back to the pages of history: all of the native peoples in North America when Europeans started to colonize, how Africans were treated (and still are sometimes depending on who you talk to and where you go), Ancient Greeks and the “barbarians,” Ancient Rome and any group of people who were not under their control…this list could continue indefinitely I am sure.

You learn how to do things simply by sitting and getting told them. (Every lecture class ever given)

They door is always open to you, once someone else opens the door first. (requiring “experience” for job openings and universities not wanting to accept students freshman year due to not knowing if they will stay in university)

We want highly motivated and specialized people, so long as they are highly motivated and specialized in everything. (Whenever submitting resumes the point seems to be to squeeze as much as you possibly can onto one page, so do everything and fill that page up!)

Only one argument is correct, even though there are always two.

We want to protect the environment, so long as we don’t have to change our ways or spend any money.  Or, I want to be healthy, without changing my lifestyle.

I expect the government and society to help me, but I’m not going to pay for it or do any of the work.

We support education, so long as you work whenever you aren’t in lessons.

Everything about Aristotle.

You have to work hard to achieve your dreams, but you also have to work even harder to keep yourself fed to achieve your dreams.

God doesn’t exists but the 10 Commandments still stand.

In order to prove what you know you have to do an experiment.

Everyone is upwardly mobile, so long as you can afford it.

In order to get into anything you have to apply, same with getting out of anything.

Working as a slave is legal still and the only way to end up getting paid eventually….hopefully.

We want free trade, so long as we aren’t undercut by people in other countries.

Some problems are huge and require inter-disciplinary knowledge, so pigeon-hole yourself into only a very specific subject in university.

Educational institutions only let you learn so much in a given period.

Testing one’s knowledge is testing what you can repeat from what you were told earlier in the year, not what you can solve.


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