The Philosophical Problems of Philosophy

There are admittedly many problems that can be found I am focusing on one at the moment that is particularly problematic for me.

The issue can be found most easily in epistemology and metaphysics, it is their useless-ness.

Philosophers who argue about different issues in these two branches of philosophy always end up arguing over unprovable issues, no matter how much these philosophes may want to think otherwise.  The main issues argued over in both of these branches are things that a) as humans we will never ever actually know anyway and b) arguments in these two branches are post-rationalizations and c) the simple absurdity of the language that has to be used to talk about these branches.

I am going to skip a due to lack of patience so onto b.

The arguments made in either one of these branches are post-rationalizations, by this I mean that the person arguing for this or that side of an debate has a specific view of the world which is incredibly deep in their mind and thoughts, to a point where they probably can never be properly exposed, as such the goal or view of the world is assumed and then a rationalization is made in the arguments to try to explain their world view.  So in the end, anything that comes out of these two branches have to be treated as geometric postulates, not actual theorems of the world.  One, in order to build a full philosophical outlook, simply has to assume one thing or the other, either points exist or they don’t and then that person has to build off of that.  Both can be supported and retorted but neither can be known for sure.

This type of issue though is also one of the best parts of philosophy.  These issues point out the pure limitations of human thought, abilities and nature.  There are limitations to the human mind which philosophy in it’s constant search for truth butts up against fairly quickly and those are important limitations to know and push as far as we possibly can as humans.

The other good thing of philosophy: the western world is basically built upon the science that philosophers started, there are many problems within this culture (which you can find easily and with the help of philosophy even!)

So next time you meet a philosopher, shake his hand in gratitude but slap him as hard as you can with your free hand. He should understand.


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