Legalizing Drugs

This one is probably pretty boring but I want to give my two cents dammit!

So, a big thing going on in some places is the legalizing of some things that are currently considered illegal drugs.  I am not sure where exactly I stand on this issue.  On one hand getting more tax revenue would not hurt anyone, along with the money saved on drug enforcement, prison expenses and court fees.  Also, making more people in the U.S. calm and less likely to do anything really worth mentioning is right along the same path the U.S. is going anyway in my opinion so hey just keep doing what we’re doing.  The one reason I am against it though is related to that last reason to support it.

I have known too many people who use drugs and alcohol as a way to run away from their problems.  Some have admitted that they use these drugs to run away from their problems and their own lives while others haven’t they claim they are actually living and that I need to “loosen up.”  This is where I take issue: how in the world is running away from life living?  How is it possible for someone to consider having to drink something or smoke something a life?

I always thought a life was having a reason you wanted to wake up every day, having a group of others who you loved and valued and would be willing to help you build yourself up.  I guess I always thought life was trying to do something, not just avoid the whole experience of being human.

Maybe I was wrong and naive, it wouldn’t be the first time for both of those.  But really, doesn’t anyone want to enjoy living their own lives anymore?

Short and sweet I should think.


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