“You have to be afraid of something as a human.” – anonymous.

No. Being human has nothing to do with fear, at least in my opinion anyway.  Fear is something that is a survival tool, it makes one stop and think about the situation more, possibly kicks up some adrenaline, makes them try to stay more aware of the situation.  Fear is not that important to being human.

I am not sure what being human is at the moment, I am working on that as I go.  Although I am beginning to think that may be the answer anyway.

Being afraid of anything does not make a human, fear makes one less human.  Fear is the thing that puts a ceiling on your own creativity.  It poisons the well of hope that everyone holds in their own hearts.  Fear is probably among the most toxic things a person can have in the present world.

There was a conversation once discussing some animals that had somehow gotten out of a zoo, in this conversation a peer asked me if I would not be afraid of a lion happening to come around a corner had this happened in the city I was in.  I responded with a resounding no.  It is impossible to properly live, to actually be human, fearing at every corner on the road of a lion waiting to attack you (physically and metaphorically).  As soon as a fear like this sinks in you’ve basically lost an important part to being human.


That’s my piece for now.


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