Random Thoughts

This is more of a rough draft of some ideas than an actually thought out argument for or against anything, so let us explore my thought process.  The question of the day is: why I’m so angry.

Lack of life, this is why I’m so angry.  Too much rot and gray amalgam.  Too much fear, too much similarity.  I’m beginning to finally understand the pain Nietzsche felt when he smelled this world, it is absolutely putrid.

It’s also a tiny world on top of being rotten.  The little box in which everyone seems tow ant to live is simply too small to thrive i.  No one can be larger than life with a ceiling; no one can be larger than life without roots either.  The current box has both a ceiling and floor, with only a microscopic separation betwixt. Many have access to the entire globe anymore yet the worlds are only getting smaller.

It is possible to be on the other side of the globe in hours, yet most of those hours are spent in boxes, literally.  We (mostly the western world, since that is where I am from) can travel the world but we’re more comfortable in front of a screen that never moves.  We could meet people from nearly any country in the world yet we know more about a handful of movie stars.

Why am I so angry? So many possibilities, all of it wasted.  It seems that no one sees these possibilities either.  The preference is to sit and rot away at a desk.  I just don’t get it.


Well, there you have it.  Just a random piece written in a class that was a waste of my time more than anything.  Maybe someone will be brought to thought with this.


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