The Good Man Today

Alright, the current good man.  Really, the best case scenario for the “good” man in the current sense would be schizophrenia.  I say this because currently there is no unified type of “good man” in society.  There are multiple types of the good man instead: there is the family person, the giving person, the rich/successful person, the celebrity, the cool guy or gal, the nice/polite guy, the gentleperson, the feminist person, the patriot, the cosmopolitan, the pragmatist/scientist, the idealist/artist, the “good” leader, the co-operative person, the supportive person….this list could keep going on.  There can be and is cross-over amongst these types of good person but they can generally be considered their own type of good person.  The type of good person they represent can mostly be figured out through the name, but just to make sure I will go over a few of these in more detail.

First on the list, so first to be approached is the “family person” this is the person who is supposed to put their family above all other things in life: the awesome dad who is always there, never cheats on his wife and is at the same time the successful man and can provide for his family.  Or the awesome mom who the children love for various reasons, takes care of her children and is also the successful mother bringing in money for the family too BUT is not the main provider for the family-leaving that for the dad to do (just how it works currently).

As can be seen there is already a huge amount of tension in this situation.  The successful man would spend more time at work to make more money and get rich, but you have to be the good father too.  So what to do? You end up having to choose on your own and that choice can quickly become incredibly difficult for someone.  Or the mother, she has to be successful too since she has to be the feminist type of woman in current society whether or not she agrees (that is a discussion for later, just assume that it is possible that someone could be comfortable with fitting into the older stereotype position of a woman in the household).  She then has to decide to, be the good mom, be the successful business woman, be the feminist, be the gentlewoman all just in dealing with her own family.  These two people have not even left their own home yet and have a multitude of baffling signals coming at them! Imagine what happens upon leaving the home!  Suddenly these people have to show both the persona of a good family member, successful/rich along with being “nice”, being a leader yet being a group player at the same time, being patriotic and cosmopolitan, being a cool person and trying to become a celebrity, showing an artistic side and a pragmatic side-all at the same time! Thinking about it causes my head to spin.

Next you have to be a giving person too; volunteer as much time as you can, give as much as you can, care about everyone etc. etc. So you have to be able to provide for your family, be rich overall (and able to show it), and give as much as possible at the same time.  While providing for your family and giving are compatible, trying to be rich at the same time as these two does not appear to be in my opinion.  By my understanding of rich you need money in a bank account, giving it away does not meet that goal, also, if you’re so busy giving your extra money away, how can you show it off on the fancy new piece of technology or clothing or whatever?  Or, in order to make being rich more compatible, a person would have to use how much they donate as their showing off of the money they happen to have.  This would, at least proof beneficial for donations across the nation, but who has thought that any remotely popular/rich person giving a lot of money to a charity was doing it for free advertisement? Let’s be honest, all of us are cynics and thought that, so that point of view will not work either.

Next comes being both the rich/successful and the “nice”/polite/cooperative person.  You can’t do both.  In order to be successful you have to be able to be a leader, take the initiative and work as hard as you can all the time.  Being polite wastes time and effort that shouldn’t be wasted on the way to success unless you actually respect that person.  In general though, why in the world should a successful business man be super “nice” to someone who is doing their job?  I am not saying that the successful person should treat they’re chauffer like dirt, but why should he treat him like he’s an extra special little snowflake when all the driver does is his job-drive his employer to the places he needs to be.  It is a waste of time and energy trying to be a “nice” guy to everyone if you’re trying to be successful.  Yet the successful person has to play along with everyone else and be “nice” otherwise people will not respect him.  So how would a person deal with this?

As I hope I have begun to show, these various types of a good person, since currently in society you have to be all of them, causes mixed signals and a schizophrenia of a terrible magnitude upon delving further into the thought processes that have to be considered when trying to balance all of these “good” people.  This schizophrenia can lead to mental illnesses (possibly, mostly just trying to wake a reader up at this point if they’ve stuck with me), paralysis in that a person doesn’t know how to make all of these types align and just becomes essentially lost in life and goes through motions (there are other types of paralysis, this is just one type), having to pick one, or a couple of compatible types and go for that and being both good and bad depending on who is being asked, or just scrapping the entire project and creating your own.

Being lost in life is what I have seen in most of my society today, people just go through motions and try to make life as easy as possible so they do not have to think or get out of their paralysis so that they don’t have to think.  This, in my opinion, has led to multiple problems within society, but that discussion is for a later date.  Those that pick their type and go for that type essentially end up either being stepped on by everyone in trying to be nice or hated by everyone for being successful; neither of which are ideal since I am not aware of anyone who enjoys feeling terrible about themselves or feeling alone in the world.  This leaves building your own system, that requires thought though which most people want to avoid at all costs and an originality that those who pick a certain type apparently don’t have since they couldn’t create their own version of a good man.  So let us see if we can build our own, more aligned and healthier version of a good person though, toss this around for a while and I will begin walking through my own construction next week.


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