The Good Man

Today’s topic: the good man. What is this person? How can you tell them apart? What are this person’s characteristics, etc.?

First off, I want to clarify; I’m discussing the good person, not the “nice” person nor the polite person.  No, I am talking about the GOOD person, a person who has a system of ethics to which they hold as steadfastly as they can to help lead their life so that they can achieve what that person considers the good life.  This type of person is not required to be “nice” or “polite” in the current sense of these terms, sometimes this person is not at all “nice” or polite, this person has a will and courage to follow that will.  Although most good people can probably be considered polite in some ways, they have principals behind their actions and reasons for them.  They are not simply following the crowd or current practices/standards.

Now, that hopefully I have been clear enough for any reader stumbling into this tiny niche of cyberspace, there are a few things that have to be considered when thinking about the “good” man: The first being, what is good? This then leads to questions about why that is good: where does it come from? How is this good better than other goods or the absolute good instead of something else? Why is that good? The second part being, how is this good applied to life? How do you take this idea of the good and what it is and make it into something that is real enough to actually be implementable by a human being?  Basically, how does this good form what the “good life” is? So now, you have what the good life is at the end of this line.  The next part of the good man to consider is: who is he? Is it everyone, only the smart, maybe just the lucky, the dumb, needy, poor, rich, famous, etc.? Who is this man and where could you expect to find him? What sort of characteristics would he have: would he be calm or quick to anger? Would he be sociable or aloof, etc.?

Dear Women, I am using the masculine pronoun of “he/him” since the English language does not have a very useful gender neutral term besides “it” and the phrase the “good it” just does not work.  Plus, to fit gender stereotypes: I am a guy. So this is assuming women too in this picture.

The good, the good life, who the good man is…  Sounds like that should be all the ingredients to really figure out who the good man is right? Not quite, now that we have this information, how is the good person to actually begin living a good life?  Is it just a dive-in, a process, does it just slowly happen as a person realizes certain things, is it subjective, do you have to plan or just go with the flow?  Is it just a new year’s resolution or a committed life’s work?

So this is basically how I plan to go about talking about your own sort of good man (with the inevitable side-tracks and not quite on topic discussions involved in the process).  I challenge anyone who finds this to start thinking about their “good man.” I will be taking on today’s current good man first before talking about my own in later posts.


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